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From Fiji to Mars with Rima Martin

Posted by Mike Acerra on

Rima Martin is someone you’d want with you on a spaceship going to Mars. 

She is a science fiction writer, a contributor for Radical Science News platform, and a former  IT specialist, who seems to be everywhere on social media. 

Her character in the novel, United States Marine Corps Sergeant, Rama Montaigne, debuts in this Saturday’s release of the sixth installment in the Mars is for Misfits novel.

Author Allen Crowley,  and collaborator Mike Acerra, ask people they find interesting to be the muse/models for Mars is for Misfits.  

  Rima, tell us a little about yourself. 

  I was born and bred in Fiji. A few years later I migrated to Australia to further my studies in IT Support. Now I’m working in retail in Queensland. 

I've always been a free thinker and a science enthusiast. So when I’m not working, I’m writing short science fiction stories and researching new science topics to write articles for Radical Science News which is a multi faceted platform for global science articles. I am currently writing an anthology which will feature short stories of multiple genres.

I've always had broad scientific views and I like to participate in science and technology chat groups. I absolutely love reading and will devour any book within my vicinity. I also enjoy learning about artificial intelligence and other science topics. My longtime dream is to change the world with my diverse positive thinking. 

  What’s your favorite quote or motto?

  Hmmm. Favourite quote - “ If you can dream it, you can do it...”

  What do you think about being the model and the muse for a character in a novel? Isn’t it weird?

  It is weird and that’s why I agreed to be a part of this novel. Everything and anything that is weird has appealed to me since I was a child. Normal is overrated. I think it’s extremely exciting to be a muse for Mars is for Misfits. I always wanted to be in sci-fi movies or tv shows and this is the closest I’d ever come to be a part of it! I can't wait to be a muse for a book character and bring it to life. 

  How did you come to know Mike Acerra and get involved with this project?

  I met Mike through a mutual friend on Facebook, the Queensland science researcher, Ken Killen, and we started talking about his LuxBlox product. He was kind enough to send me a box of LuxBlox for my son, which he still plays with! I remember mentioning that I’m a writer and he asked me if I wanted to be a part of a science fiction book and I didn’t hesitate at all to say yes! 


  You are a very creative person. What advice do you have for kids who want to pursue their creativity? 

  I believe I’m a kid at heart myself and I have no plans of growing up so here’s my advice for kids:

Be yourself - your creative nature comes from a very deep place within you. It is all You, not anybody else. Listen to that inner voice it won’t steer you wrong. As Oscar Wilde said once -“ Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”.

Be positive - when you are a kid who wants to pursue his or her creative path, it’s easy to fall back when things don’t go well. But remember it’s not the end. Being positive no matter what is hard but not impossible. Be mindful of your own thinking and the messages you sent to your brain. If you send positive messages you will definitely get positive results. 

Pursue your passions - if you love dancing, acting, writing or drawing, please never ever stop pursuing any of the above or more! Keep at it. Consistency is the key.

Be in the Now. Don’t worry too much about the future. 

Create your creative foundation and adjust as you go. No need to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet.

If you want something, go and get it. Don’t wait for it to fall on your lap. Make it happen. 

  Why do you like science?

  Because science is what will evolve our thinking and it’s what will move us faster into a better future.

  How many languages do you speak? 

  I speak English, Hindi, a little bit of Fijian and I’m learning Russian.

  What is it like where you live? 

  I live on the sunny side of Australia, Queensland. It’s warm and full of creepy crawlies. We have birds, possums and skunks that frequents our yard every now and then. 

  What is something you know that you wish more people knew? 

  I know from the depths of my heart to be kind and empathetic and that’s what makes this world go round and can make it a peaceful existence. I wish more people knew how to be kind. 

  What is something you think Americans may not know about where you live ? 

  Did you know that The Selfie was invented n Australia?

  We totally did not know that. 

Check out Chapter Six of Mars is for Misfits: Girls go to Mars! This Saturday at  You can read Rima’s science reporting at Radical Science News.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter Six of Mrs is for Misfits: 

Tripi could not help but smile at the sergeant. There was something of the hellion about her. 
Montaigne gestured, ushering Tripi to the revolving platform that was the precipice to the kilometer-long tube she had just traveled up with the doctor on an open lift.
“OK, Gunny. You’re gonna have to make a small leap of faith here. There’s another way to get around this ship besides floating or taking lifts.  SOLA!”
“Yes, Sergeant Montaigne.” Replied the voice of a young girl as if she was anticipating the request.
“Set a helical course from our location to S7.”
“Course already laid and illuminated.”
Tripi could see a dazzling neon green line that spiraled along the cylindrical spine of the Proteus. 
 Sergeant Montaigne sprinted head-first down the cylinder following the curving glowing green line as she went. Tripi gulped and leaped after her, the wind hitting her face as she began to quickly accelerate down the tube. All she could hear were her and Montaigne’s laughter and their feet pounding on the glass of the massive aquarium they were running on.
The central part of the spinning ship had none of the strong centrifugal forces that could be felt on the outer decks . But even though there was no artificial gravity, the spiral course allowed them to generate angular momentum, which in turn gave them ample footing and the ability to push off and generate more velocity.
Soon, Athena Tripi realized she was running faster than she ever had.  She decided to catch Montaigne, who was about ten meters ahead of her. She poured it on and soon was alongside her. 
Rama looked at Athena and grinned. 
“What do you think? Fun, right?”
“We’re almost there. See how the line is changing to yellow? That means we need to slow down.” 
The Marine’s shoes squeaked and slapped on the aquarium glass as they cut speed, scattering the school of yellow fish that had been following them under their feet. They stopped at an opening that was marked S7.  “Ok, now we take the lift the rest of the way.”

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  • Rima is playing Rama. I love the allusion to older classic sci fi! Cool that you are using real people as muses. It seems to be working very well!

    Steve Andante on
  • I love the Mars for Misfits story and I’m honoured to be the muse for the story. Thank you Mike and Allen for creating this gem.

    I’m loving the concepts depicted in the chapters!

    Rima Martin on
  • I like how they are finding real people to develop characters like artists use muses.
    Interesting process. The story is so far a fantastic read.

    Steven Pederson on
  • Rima so wonderful to have you on board. This will a fun journey.

    Scifi_by_Allen Crowley on

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