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Thinking with Mike Episode 14: Princess Etch!

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On this week with Thinking with Mike, Mike speaks with Jane Labowitch (Lab-oh-witch). Jane is a full-time Maryland-based Etch A Sketch artist whose professional nom de plume is Princess Etch. Jane started playing with an Etch A Sketch when she was 4 (she's 29 now). She played with the toy so much that she inadvertently taught herself how it worked. From that point on Jane's etching skills grew with her drawing skills. While obtaining a BFA in illustration, she further honed her Etch A Sketch abilities outside of the classroom. Her work has been featured on RedditCNNthe Huffington PostThreadlessSmoshBuzzfeedCartoon Networkthe Chicago Blackhawks Blogthe Disney Parks BlogDeviantArt, and more. 
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