Lux Blox STEM and STEAM Build Anything Toy

Carbon Structures
Corrugation 1 Lux Blox Education Corrugation One
Corrugation 2 - Education & Lux Corrugation Two
Emgergence - education Emergence
Synergy - Education & Lux Synergy
Welcome to Lux & Education Lux, the intelligent construction block
Lux Prisms
Lux Anti-prisms
Lux Gyroprisms
Lux Gyroprisms II
Alternating Triangular Prism / Antiprism
Lux Pyramids
Elongating Cupolas
Elongating Bicupolas and gyyrobicupolas
Triangular Polyhedral Toroid
Square Polyhedral Toroid
Pentagonal Polyhedral Toroid
Tetrahedron and Extruded Tetrahedron
Lux Flux
Lux Membranes
Joints and Limbs
Creature Feature #1 : Cephalopod! Adaptations for your Lux creature
Creature Feature #2: Adaptations for your Lux creature
Triangular Capillarion
Square Square Capillarion
Dodecahedron - Geometry in Lux Blox Dodecahedron
Hexahedron - Geometry & Lux Hexahedron
Icosahedron - Geometric Principles & Lux Icosahedron
Octohedron - Geometric Principles & lux Octahedron