Lux Blox STEM and STEAM Build Anything Toy


Lux Blox is more than just a building toy; it's a testament to the power of homeschooling and the creative potential of children. Founded by Mike and Heather Acerra, who themselves homeschooled their two boys, Lux Blox emerged from a unique journey of exploration and innovation.

In their homeschooling experience in Galesburg, Illinois, surrounded by a community of engineers, doctors, machinists, rocket engineers, and even an astrophysicist named Dr. Ding, the Acerra family fostered a spirit of hands-on learning and experimentation. Their garage became a makeshift makerspace where neighborhood kids, armed with construction toys, chemistry kits, hardware, power tools, and found objects, collaborated on diverse toy ideas.

Out of this neighborhood innovation hub, Lux Blox was born. The project embraced the intricate designs found in nature, offering a dynamic platform for creativity and exploration. The Lux Blox journey involved over 4,000 work hours on a Makerbot 3D printer, resulting in hundreds of evolving designs.

Today, Lux Blox is a beloved resource for both classrooms and homeschools worldwide. They provide free lesson plans on their website and offer specially designed kits for STE(A)M experiences, enabling children to model atoms, molecules, proteins, cell structures, and machines.

Mike and Heather Acerra are passionate advocates for hands-on learning and empowering children to discover the inner workings of their world. They deeply appreciate and understand the commitment homeschooling families make and offer their support in this noble endeavor. They believe that nurturing virtuous, curious, and inquisitive children is essential for building and sustaining our civilization, and Lux Blox is proud to be a part of this journey.

For homeschooling families seeking a tool that fosters creativity, exploration, and learning, Lux Blox stands as a testament to the endless possibilities of education outside traditional classrooms.

Quality first

"Quality First" is the driving principle behind Lux Blox. The founders, Mike and Heather Acerra, were motivated to create Lux Blox because they envisioned a hands-on learning experience of the highest quality for children. Lux Blox pieces are designed to fit together in a way that allows children to naturally explore and discover a rich new language of shapes, movements, and patterns, unlike anything seen in educational technology before.

Lux Blox takes play to a whole new level by modeling the inner workings of cell structures, complex mathematical forms, and advanced engineering principles. Through the simple act of playing with Lux Blox, children engage with these concepts, gaining a deep understanding of them through hands-on exploration. It's an educational tool that combines fun and learning seamlessly, enabling children to unlock their full creative and intellectual potential while having a blast in the process.

Humble beginnings

The story of Lux Blox has truly humble beginnings. It all began when Mike Acerra, a college graduate with an art major and two years of aerospace engineering studies, embarked on a unique journey. He moved to a yurt in the remote Maine woods and dedicated two years to understanding the intricate ways in which nature assembles itself. This period of exploration and self-discovery laid the foundation for what would become Lux Blox.

Several years later, Mike found a kindred spirit in Heather, his fiancée, who shared his deep passion for education and architecture. Together, they embarked on a remarkable journey of homeschooling their two sons. Over the course of 15 years, the Acerra family, in collaboration with half a dozen other homeschooling families, painstakingly developed Lux Blox.

This extraordinary commitment to education, nature-inspired design, and the homeschooling community led to the creation of Lux Blox, a product that not only serves as a high-quality educational tool but also embodies the spirit of hands-on learning and creativity. It's a testament to the power of following one's passion and the profound impact that homeschooling can have on shaping innovative educational solutions.

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