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These have been created to help you build with Lux. What will you build?

Build a Cube

Build an H-Frame Cycle

Build an Octoball

Build a Triangular Capillarion

Build a UFO

Build a Gimble Gus

Build a Helicopter

Build an Octotank

Build a Dagger

Build a Rotating Ring

Build a Square Capillarion

Build a d'Arcy Crab

Build a Submarine

Build a Tetrahedron

Build a Hexahedron

Build a Octahedron

Build a Dodecahedron

Build a Icosahedron

Build a Bucky Ball

Build a Castle

Build a Squishy Building

Build a Car

Connecting Concepts - Cube Unstuck

Connecting Concepts - Corrugation Part One

Connecting Concepts - Corrugation Part Two

Connecting Concepts - Emergence

Connecting Concepts - Synergy

Connecting Concepts - Carbon Structures

Connecting Concepts - Accessories

Lux Bloopers

Build a Dinosaur

Welcome to Lux - The intelligent construction block

Lux - What will you build?