Lux Blox STEM and STEAM Build Anything Toy

Supercharge your family's happiness, curiosity, and cognitive prowess with Lux Blox. Forge stronger bonds, stimulate creativity, and embrace Einstein's universe together. Elevate your family's experience – choose Lux Blox. Ignite curiosity today – bring Lux Blox into your TV room and witness the transformation.


STEAM Inventor

The Inventor brings a fun, STEM experience to your home. Build the incredible energy harnessing Machine. Build your next best friend, Dogo!
Includes 223 pieces.
The STEAM Inventor is available now for $64.99!
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Build Instructions

Gear and Pulley Windmill Lux Blox STEM
The Machine
sensory fidget tower
Fidget Tower
pet dog
Robot Claw Lux Blox
Robotic Hand