What is STEM Authenticated?
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Lux is proud to introduce our two latest creations! The Steam Primer and the Steam Inventor. Both are available to purchase now! Use the menu on the left to learn more about each one!

The LUX STEAM INVENTOR is a big beautiful tube of inventing fun! Certified as an authenticate STEM experience by STEM.ORG, our STEAM INVENTOR has enough pieces for hours of family fun. Comes in a handsome 14 inch tall clear tube. Contains 223 pieces including: • 35 Bright White Trigons • 40 Red Squares • 130 Bright White Squares • 4 Square Multi-wheels • 2 Trigon Multi-wheels • 10 Lux Axles • 2 – 7 inch rubber bands.
The Steam Inventor includes the parts neccessary to build your next favorite Doggo! Here at Lux we believe all animals are in need of love. Doggo is no exception. Give him life, maybe build him a bone!

One of the goals here at Lux is to encourage creativity and thinking outside the box. The Machine built from the Inventor connects and builds into a moveable machine that encourages learning as certified by STEM.

The Steam Inventor is available to purchase now. Click here to be taken to our store

LUX is a revolution in smart construction fun! Certified as an authenticate STEM experience by STEM.ORG, the USA MADE LUX STEAM PRIMER will keep young imaginations entertained for hours and immerse them into the STEAM arts of science, technology, engineering, art, and math! This kit is packed with 111 pieces of fun. Kit includes 75 LUX squares in red, yellow, and royal blue, 20 white LUX trigons, 5 trigon wheels, 4 square wheels, 5 axles, a nd 2 7 inch rubber bands.