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Classroom Value Pack 900 Blocks

Classroom Value Pack 900 Blocks

900 Lux blocks in Orange, Blue, and Bright White.

ABS Plastic and no Choking Hazard in a 16 Qt. Storage Box.

Perfect for all grades!

Lux are at home in the pre-school as well as the grad school!

Makes the perfect math and shape manipulative!

Connect the curriculum with the block that imitates nature!

Lux is the first construction block ever to give kids access to the fullness of nature's construction principles. Lux builds within three geometry groups including Euclidean, Spherical, and Hyperbolic geometries! This means that the whole universe of structure is available for young hands, from atoms and molecules to the forms in living systems!

Blocks have never been this much fun and this good for young minds!

$ 199.95