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1000 Piece Classroom Set

1000 Piece Classroom Set

1000 Lux™ Blox!  100 each of Bright Orange, Teal Blue, Neon Green, Purple, Royal Blue, Neon Pink, Bright Yellow, Red, White and Black. 

ABS Plastic and no Choking Hazard in a durable storage tote.

Perfect for all grades - Lux™ are at home in the pre-school as well as the grad school!

Makes the perfect math and shape manipulative - connect the curriculum with the block that imitates nature!

Our new 1000 Piece Classroom Set includes a full color 48-page idea book that will bring fun, excitement, and wonder into every classroom.   

Lux™ connects creativity to learning by giving the teacher and students hands on access to nature’s own building principles. 

Lux™ provides children a creative outlet to help them learn and retain the perfect balance of physical, emotional, and cognitive stimulation.  

Lux™ bridges all the subjects with a common language of nature's structures and motions. 

  • Build an aqueduct or colonnade when learning about the Romans.    
  • Make single or multi-celled creatures to learn about adaptation. 
  • Build molecules when learning about chemistry and the atoms.
  •  Use Lux™ in dozens of math activities from arithmetic to learning perimeter and surface area. 
  • Use Lux™ to build machines.

    Lux™ is used in pre-K through college level classrooms, STEM groups, and by therapists around the world and was designed by and for teachers to make construction more fun and more intellectually stimulating and useful in a education environment. 

    What makes Lux™ different than other construction manipulatives is its patented snapping hinge. Modeled after nature at the molecular level, Lux™ connects not through sticking or stacking, but through linking, and therefore gives kids the immediate experience of the world of kinematics. Kinematics is the study of linking chains, or "linkages".  The universe is kinematic, where all bonds have the potential to move. Now this strange and wonderful moving aspect of our universe can be accessed in a child's play experience and teachers can use it as a means of explaining how the world works in very real concrete and amazing terms. 

    Lux™ is the first construction block ever to give kids access to the fullness of nature's construction principles. Lux™ builds within three geometry groups including Euclidean, Spherical, and Hyperbolic geometries. This means the whole universe of structure is available for young hands, from atoms and molecules to the forms in living systems!

    Blocks have never been this much fun and this good for young minds!

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