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Lux 88 Piece Set
Lux 88 Piece Set

Lux 88 Piece Set

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  • Lux™ 88 Piece Set
  • It's all in the box - everything you need to start building your imagination is here!
  • Now includes a Big Idea book with instructions to build a Lux Cycle, Robot, Monoplane, Martian Lander and more!
  • 88 Lux pieces in Neon Orange, Teal Blue and White.  Accessories also included. 
  • The Lux 88 Piece Set is a great place to start and makes a great gift. With it, you can learn how to build with Lux and make some really fun creations.
  • You can build the amazing H-Frame super cycle, the capillarion - a very fun and noisy collapsible machine which demonstrates the principles of capillary action. You can build the D’Arcy crab - a six legged creature with working joints that can grab things! You can make the Lux Star Cube, balls, and even furniture and accessories for your dollhouse.
  • Accessories include fluted birch dowels milled in Haywood, Wisconsin.
  • Recommended for children age 6 to 116 (younger children with supervision)
  • ABS Plastic - tested safe; set includes small accessory parts which present a choking hazard
  • All Lux products are proudly made in the U.S.A.