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Neon Engineer

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Introducing the Lux Blox Neon Engineer – a mesmerizing engineering set that takes play to a whole new level with its vibrant neon colors and endless creative possibilities. With four super-bright ultraviolet-sensitive colors, you can enjoy building and exploring day or night!

The Lux Blox Neon Engineer is not just a toy; it's an educational adventure. Dive into the world of engineering and discover the beauty of fractals, atomic structures, machines, mathematical concepts, and digital art through hands-on exploration. This set is designed to captivate both boys and girls, offering a thrilling experience for all.

What sets this set apart are the 314 Lux Blox and accessories it includes. You'll find 30 neon green squares, 30 neon orange squares, 30 neon pink squares, and 30 yellow squares, allowing you to create a dazzling array of designs. But that's not all – there are also 40 neon green trigons, 40 neon orange trigons, 40 neon pink trigons, and 40 yellow trigons, which open up even more possibilities for building incredible shapes.

The Lux Blox Neon Engineer set doesn't stop there. It includes 10 wheels, 4 trigon wheels, 6 square wheels, and 19 axles of various sizes to bring your creations to life with movement and functionality. You'll also find 4 #2 axles, 4 #5 axles, 11 #7 axles, and 5 7-inch rubber bands to add dynamic elements to your designs.

This set is suitable for children aged six and up, making it an ideal choice for both budding engineers and seasoned builders. With hours of incredible fun and boundless creative potential, the Lux Blox Neon Engineer is the ultimate educational and entertaining experience for young minds. Unleash your imagination and embark on a journey of discovery with Lux Blox!

Customer Reviews

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Fred McGunnigal
Really great


Joetta Ethredge

Christmas Gift …. Think he will love!

Travis Trussell
Great Product but NO Instructions

I am excited to give this set to my grandson, however the instructions that came with the set are hard to read and I can't find any instructions for this particular set. This is disappointing :(

Amy P
Neon Engineer

This set is well packaged and offers endless fun and challenge to my grandson. I am going to get him another set! Thrilled to have found a great building toy that is made in the USA.

Heather Acerra
This is a beautiful creative product for girls

My nieces are artistic AND like to build things! This Lux Blox kit gave then what they had been asking for - MORE TRIGONS! The triangle shaped pieces. And the colors glow with black lights!!! Super fun!!