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World’s Most Versatile Construction Block

Lux delivers with an amazing play experience that develops powerful connections to nature's own principles. With Lux, you now have access to the creative principles that make our universe.

The power is now in your hands. What will you build?

Lux is proudly made in the United States

and they are available in toy stores across the nation.

With Lux's patented snap and lock hinge, builders are now freer than ever before to make structures which curve, bund and move. Not only do our squares make circle and spheres, but they model machines, biological organisms, mathematical relationships, and enable a user to construct whatever architecture they want. Put the creative power of nature in your hands.

One Lux Color Stix tube of 28 Lux Blox, all the same color.  Available in all 12 Lux colors.

Lux 66 Piece Set.  Four Colors. 6” x 6” x 6” box.  
66 Lux pieces  in black, neon orange, teal blue, and white. Accessories included. Instructions/idea book inside.
The Lux 66 piece set offers a great introduction to the amazing world of Lux. Inside are instructions to build a number of models including a World War II style airplane, a motorcycle, a Martian lander,  and other fun moving creations. 

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The Lux 88 piece is a great place to start and makes a great gift. With it you can learn how to build with Lux and make some really fun creations.   You can build the amazing H-Frame super cycle, the capillarion - a very fun and noisy collapsible machine which demonstrates the principles of capillary action. You can build the D’Arcy crab - a six legged creature with working joints that can grab things! You can make the Lux Star Cube, balls, and even furniture and accessories for your dollhouse. Accessories include fluted birch dowels milled in Haywood , Wisconsin.  Recommended for children ages 6 to 116.

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Lux 166 Piece Set Four Colors, 9” x 4.5” x 9” box.  166 Lux pieces in black, neon orange, teal blue,  and white. Accessories included. Instructions/idea book inside.
The 166 piece set has instructions to build some terrific models including a life-sized sword, a Bug Buggy (vehicle with insect legs!), a Formula One style race car, a dragon, and many amazing moving creations.

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The Lux 200 piece set allows you to build larger models and explore even further the amazing new world of LUX. Build star ships, dinosaurs, gimbals, capillarion,  more  H-frame cycles , ray guns, and almost anything else you can imagine. Accessories include fluted birch dowels milled in Haywood , Wisconsin.  Recommended for children ages 6 to 116.


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Lux 330 Piece Set
Four Colors, 9”x9”x9” box.
Includes 330 Lux pieces in black, neon orange, teal blue, black and white. Accessories included. Instructions/idea book inside.
The 330 piece set offers the opportunity to build some larger models and further explore the Lux universe.  Instructions are provided to build a tank, a SCRAM jet, a Ferris wheel, and so much more! 

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With the Lux 450 Piece set you now can explore deeper and have a larger play experience.  You can now build castles and cathedrals and other architecture. You can create simple and very complex geometric forms. You can create fanciful scenes with dragons and ships. You can make all sorts of two, four, six and eight wheeled vehicles and well as submarines, helicopters and star ships.  Accessories include fluted birch dowels milled in Haywood , Wisconsin. Recommended for children ages 6 to 116.

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1000 Lux Blox!  100 each of Bright Orange, Teal Blue, Neon Green, Purple, Royal Blue, Neon Pink, Bright Yellow, Red, White and Black. 

ABS Plastic and no Choking Hazard in a durable storage tote.

Perfect for all grades!

Lux are at home in the pre-school as well as the grad school!

Makes the perfect math and shape manipulative!

Connect the curriculum with the block that imitates nature!

Lux is the first construction block ever to give kids access to the fullness of nature's construction principles. Lux builds within three geometry groups including Euclidean, Spherical, and Hyperbolic geometries. This means the whole universe of structure is available for young hands, from atoms and molecules to the forms in living systems!

Blocks have never been this much fun and this good for young minds!

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