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"Next-level Legos" - New York Magazine

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Why Lux Blox?

Proudly made in the USA
Promotes mathematical concepts
Build biological and chemical structures
Fun and learning for hours

LUX is great in the classroom

Encourages collaboration authenticated Develops problem solving skills

People Love Us

"My students love playing with Lux Blox because they're fun, unique, and you can build anything with it!"

Laurie Perry - 4th Grade Teacher

"When I give my children the option between Lux Blox or playground time, 9 / 10 times they choose the Lux!"

Julie Hirshefield - Albuquerque Public School

"Lux Blox allow children the creative expression in designing different shapes that can either be modeled after a design or from their own imagination."

Dr. Kavitha Krishnan-Shields - Pediatric Occupational Therapist

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The Lux Parts


Lux Squares

Lux Trigons

Lux Multi-Wheel and Axles

The prismatic building blocks of nature that snap together The king of anti-prismatic shapes, integral to building complex structures. Functioning as simple wheels or a gear and pulley system.