Lux Blox STEM and STEAM Build Anything Toy

What you should know about Lux Blox

What are Lux made of?

Lux Blox is manufactured in the United States and made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Plastic, a material commonly used in the manufacture of children’s toys like Lego bricks, and has been tested safe. 

Why do you call Lux "the principled block"? 

Lux is called "the principled block" because we designed Lux to give the user nature's own design principles.  Lux are structural atoms and will naturally guide the builder into the amazing world of nature's creative mind.  Lux is literally a user interface with nature at the structural level, which is super cool, and that is why so many different kinds of people of all ages and backgrounds love playing with Lux. 

The two big principles in the principled block.

The Corrugation Principle:  Lux bends and folds 

It comes down to the nature of the structure itself.  A piece of paper or sheet metal is very unstructured and behaves more like a fabric until you begin to bend and fold it.

When items are folded, they become more rigid, “hold their shape,” and rely on the tensile strength of their material, not their compression strength.  This is how rockets and ships and airplanes and automobiles can have such incredible strength but be made with such thin and lightweight materials: they use these materials, like sheet aluminum, in tension. 

Lux blocks can snap together into sheets that behave like fabric as well, and when these sheets are folded, they also become rigid.

Nature behaves in an identical fashion. For example, carbon atoms form hexagonal sheets called graphite, but these sheets can roll up into cylinders and make nanotubes that have enormous tensile strength rivaling the strongest steel.

These same carbon molecules can form into soccer balls, called Bucky Balls, and these, too, have amazing properties that mirror their soccer ball cousins. They can also form into more tightly folded crystal structures called diamonds, the hardest known substance. (More folds often means more structure.)

We call this the principle of corrugation.  We live in a universe that achieves structure through corrugating things.  Corrugation is why Lux has such an extraordinary ability to make strong structures that imitate nature - it’s a hinged block that permits bending and folding, and you can develop strength through the principle of corrugation.  Engineers use this principle when making airplanes, rockets, cardboard, and most products that require strength and lightness.

The Atomic Optimization Principle:  Lux gives you the power of nature!

Another principle built into Lux is The Atomic Optimization Principle.  Simply stated, a minimum inventory of the right ingredients makes a maximum diversity of good results. Lux makes so many things with only one square shape because it manifests this principle of atomic optimization.  With a minimum inventory of parts, Lux can create a maximum diversity of forms.

The identical Lux squares and trigons can be snapped together to form all the other polygons like triangles, pentagons, and hexagons.   These aforementioned shapes, when combined, allow you to build virtually any shape or structure, and they can provide the “elements” to make all other things as well.  Lux is the element for your construction models.

Where is Lux available?

Lux is available in hundreds of local brick-and-mortar Toy & Specialty Gift Retailers and Museum Stores around the nation.

Lux is also available for purchase on this website (click on "Shop All"), or by calling toll free at 309-297-4430 during regular business hours.


What Will You Build?