Lux Blox Instruction Manuals – LUX BLOX
"Next Level Legos" - New York Magazine

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Video Instructions are also available Getting Started with Lux Blox Rescue Chopper Neon Genius Mini Ferris Wheel - Genius Set STEAM Inventor STEAM Primer Ferris Wheel Airplane - Genius Set Mega Flexer Mini Flex Tower Fidget Star Mini Car STEAM Primer Troop Transportt Star Fighter HW-64 Triangular Capillarion 80 Piece Starter Pack 120 Piece Advanced Pack 66 & 88 Piece Sets 166 & 200 Piece Sets 370 & 450 Piece Sets Lux Force Banshee - Woodland Lux Force Banshee - Snow Lux Force Raider - Woodland Lux Force Raider - Snow Lux Force Scorpion - Woodland Lux Force Scorpion - Snow Lux Force Wraith - Woodland Lux Force Wraith - Snow