America's Favorite New Building Toys!

Here you can find our PDF instruction manuals available to view or download! Simply click on the image and you'll be on your way to your next Lux Blox creation! Fidget Star 88 Piece Set 200 Piece Set Troop Transportt Star Fighter HW-64 Triangular Capillarion 450 Piece Set 80 Piece Starter Pack 120 Piece Advanced Pack 66 Piece Set 166 Piece Set 330 Piece Set Lux Force Banshee - Woodland Lux Force Banshee - Snow Lux Force Raider - Woodland Lux Force Raider - Snow Lux Force Scorpion - Woodland Lux Force Scorpion - Snow Lux Force Wraith - Woodland Lux Force Wraith - Snow