Lux Blox STEM and STEAM Build Anything Toy

Supercharge your family's happiness, curiosity, and cognitive prowess with Lux Blox. Forge stronger bonds, stimulate creativity, and embrace Einstein's universe together. Elevate your family's experience – choose Lux Blox. Ignite curiosity today – bring Lux Blox into your TV room and witness the transformation.

About Us

Lux Blox Founders Heather and Mike Acerra


Mike and Heather Acerra's journey to creating Lux Blox was driven by a profound fascination with the intelligent construction found in nature. Their quest was rooted in a deep appreciation for the efficiency and elegance of natural systems. They recognized that nature accomplishes remarkable feats of engineering using minimal resources and sought to apply these principles to their own creation.

Drawing inspiration from nature's intricate designs, Mike and Heather delved into the study of fractal geometry, biological systems, and the mathematics of minimal construction. They were on a mission to optimize and develop a system that could achieve more with less – a mantra that would become central to Lux Blox's philosophy. Nature, they observed, excelled at doing the most with the least, and they were determined to follow in its footsteps.

As they followed nature's "breadcrumbs," Mike and Heather discovered Lux Blox. Their invention was a breakthrough – a way to build a universe of diverse forms and structures using just a handful of building pieces. This innovation represented the culmination of their research and dedication to creating a system that mirrored the efficiency and adaptability of the natural world.

With backgrounds in art, engineering, and education, Mike and Heather brought a rich blend of talents and skills to their endeavor. They recognized the need for a new kind of building toy that would inspire creativity, encourage exploration, and align with the evolving thinking of the 21st century. In 2012, they embarked on their mission, enlisting the help of young talent and enthusiastic neighborhood testers to refine their creation.

The journey was marked by tireless efforts, countless prototypes, and a commitment to quality. Even amidst the occasional disagreement, their partnership remained rooted in collaboration, with a clear goal in mind: to introduce Lux Blox to the world in 2015 as a 100 percent "Made in America" learning toy.

Lux Blox stands apart from traditional building toys by taking its cues from the natural world, where life forms exhibit a full range of motion and adaptability. Their use of moving linkages to simulate free-form motion represents a patented breakthrough that has the power to spark curiosity and creativity in users across a wide range of subjects and disciplines.

Mike and Heather's intention in creating Lux Blox was not merely to provide a building toy but to stimulate curiosity, encourage exploration, and foster creativity. Their invention aims to build connections to the world and inspire not just builders but also a new generation of incredibly creative and curious minds. In Lux Blox, they have crafted a unique educational tool that draws inspiration from the genius of nature, allowing users to explore the limitless possibilities of construction and design.