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About Us

"Lux was made to help kids make better connections with their universe and discover their innate genius."                                           Mike Acerra 

Our Story

Mike & Heather create a building from Nature

The Lux story started when Michael and Heather Acerra set out to make a construction system that would build things the same way nature builds itself. They knew that if they could make blocks that curve, bend, and move, without the limits imposed by stacking or sticking, people would develop deeper understandings, appreciation, and inspiration from creativity and working with their hands. 


"We believe that if you lack inspiration, you are listening to the wrong music." 
Heather Acerra - Lux Blox Inventor



A Toy Made in a Neighborhood 

Mike and Heather enlisted the help of their neighborhood in the creation of Lux. With the aid of Daniel Wollin, a 15 year old German whiz kid who lived down the street,  they bought a 3D printer and began a three year project to build a better block. With the printer they created hundreds of different prototypes and printed thousands of pieces that a small army of neighborhood kids would play with and test. They even got the help of a rocket engineer and a German astrophysicist in perfecting this high performance block that could build as nature does.  

Manufacturing Close to Home

It was important for Mike and Heather to make a product that would provide opportunities for their community.   As a result, Lux  are manufactured near their home  and are packaged by the skilled hands of people with disabilities who live in their community.