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Lux Blox Founders Heather and Mike Acerra


About Us - Lux Blox

At Lux Blox, our award-winning, innovative construction toy is more than just a plaything - it's a reflection of the brilliance of nature. Our founders, Mike and Heather Acerra, embarked on a visionary journey propelled by a deep-rooted fascination with nature's intelligent and efficient designs. Drawing wisdom from Einstein's revelation of curved space and inspired by nature's incredible engineering - where maximal function is achieved with minimal resources - Lux Blox was born.

Nature excels at accomplishing feats with incredible efficiency. Inspired by this, Mike and Heather immersed themselves in the world of fractal geometry, biological systems, and the mathematics of minimal construction. They had a singular aim: to create a system where more could be achieved with less.

As their exploration deepened, they uncovered the essence of what would become Lux Blox. It wasn't just a construction toy; it was a reflection of the adaptability, efficiency, and diversity of the natural world, allowing users to craft a myriad of structures from just a few building pieces.

With their combined expertise in art, engineering, and education, Mike and Heather envisaged a new kind of building toy, one that would inspire creativity, stimulate exploration, and resonate with the progressive thinking of the 21st century. Beginning in 2012, they gathered a young, passionate team and worked closely with a dedicated group of neighborhood testers to perfect their vision.

Their journey was characterized by perseverance, numerous prototypes, and unwavering dedication to quality. Their shared dream saw fruition in 2015, when Lux Blox was proudly introduced to the world as a 100% "Made in America" educational toy.

But Lux Blox isn't your average building toy. Drawing cues from the natural world, it embodies motion and adaptability. Its patented moving linkages offer a revolutionary way to simulate free-form motion, igniting imagination across multiple subjects and disciplines.

For Mike and Heather, Lux Blox was never just about constructing. It was about instilling curiosity, promoting exploration, and nurturing creativity. Through Lux Blox, they've presented a gift to the world - a distinctive educational instrument inspired by nature's genius. Here, users aren't just builders; they are the next wave of inquisitive, innovative minds exploring the boundless horizons of construction and design.