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About Us

Lux Blox Founders Heather and Mike Acerra

 About Us - Lux Blox

Welcome to Lux Blox, where fun meets creativity in a snap! Our founders, Mike and Heather Acerra, weren't just dreaming of another toy—they were on a mission to get kids off their phones and into the world of hands-on play. Inspired by nature's clever designs, they wanted to create something that would occupy kids for hours with deep, creative play.

Mike and Heather's journey started with a simple idea: nature does everything better. They dove into fractal geometry, biological systems, and the magic of minimal construction to create Lux Blox, a toy that mirrors nature’s adaptability and efficiency. But let's be real, they just wanted to make something that would keep kids busy and happy for hours.

Lux Blox isn't your typical building toy. Our pieces snap together in the most satisfying way and move like nothing you've ever seen. Kids love the feel of the pieces clicking together and the freedom to create anything from flexible structures to crazy, alien-like machines. It's a toy that brings joy and a deeper understanding of the world through play.

Back in 2012, Mike and Heather gathered a small team and some eager neighborhood kids to test their creations. Through countless prototypes and lots of fun, they perfected Lux Blox. By 2015, they proudly introduced their 100% "Made in America" toy to the world.

Lux Blox embodies motion and adaptability, drawing cues from the natural world. Our patented moving linkages offer a new way to simulate free-form motion, sparking imagination across multiple subjects and disciplines. But most importantly, it’s a blast to play with!

Mike and Heather's goal was simple: to help families out by giving kids something fun and engaging. Lux Blox isn't just about building; it's about instilling curiosity, promoting exploration, and nurturing creativity. It's a gift to the world, inspired by nature’s genius, that turns kids into inquisitive, innovative minds ready to explore the endless possibilities of construction and design.

So, let's get building!