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Lux - Connecting Nature to Play Through Principles 

Made in the U.S.A. 

Lux was created by artist/inventor Michael Acerra because he and his wife Heather wanted to give the world a block that could build everything as nature does.  Lux revolutionizes the possibilities of construction block creations by combining innovative technology with nature's design principles.

With Lux, builders are now free to make structures that curve, bend, and move.  The unique, patent-pending snap and lock hinge system allows you to create structures that flex, twist, and turn, while retaining strength and stability.  Now builders and innovators of all ages can use Lux to model machines, biological organisms, architecture --- or whatever structures they can imagine! 

Lux is packaged and headquartered in Galesburg, Illinois.  Lux blocks and wooden accessories are produced in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Lux is proudly associated with Bridgeway, which packages our products and provides both services and employment to persons in need.


Our Mission:

Lux means “light” in Latin.  Our mission is to light the imagination of all who create with Lux and give children the power to build whatever they wish.

Our Inspiration:

In 2011, Michael Acerra and his wife, Heather, decided to put their full efforts into designing a construction system that meets the challenges of the 21st century.   Michael and Heather have worked closely together in the development and production launch of Lux.

Michael and Heather attribute these three people - architects, scientists, inventors and educators – for strongly influencing their enthusiasm, inspiration, and motivation to create Lux.



Our Manifesto:

We believe that genius can be taught

We believe that training requires the right tools

We believe that play and discovery are inextricably linked

We believe to be successful you must do what others fear

We believe in challenging conventional wisdom

We believe that if you lack inspiration, you are listening to the wrong music