Lux Blox Video Instructions – LUX BLOX
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Video instructions for your Lux Blox sets!

Lx Blox Fidget Flexer Massive Fidget Flexer
sensory fidget tower Fidget Tower
pet dog Doggo
High Flying Lux Airplane Airplane Advance Pack
Lux Race Car Formula Racer
Gear and Pulley Windmill Lux Blox STEM The Machine (Inventor)
Lux Helicopter Lux Force Banshee
Military Scorpion Lux Force Scorpion
Military Wraith Lux Blox Lux Force Wraith
Military Raider Lux Blox Lux Force Raider
Military Raider Lux Blox Lux Force Raider (Parabolic Dish)
Military Raider Lux Blox Lux Force Raider (Poulson Dualies)
H-Cycle vehicle - Lux Blox H-Frame Racer
Primer Gear Box - Lux Blox Steam Gearbox (Primer)
mini car 1 Roadster (Ver 1)
mini car 2 Roadster (Ver 2)
Robot Claw Lux Blox Robotic Hand
Radar Dish Primer - STEM lux Primer Radar Vehicle
Lux Blox Car Car
Lux Blox Castle Build Castle
Lux Blox Dagger Dagger
Feeling Crabby? d'Arcy Crab
Lux Dino Dinosaur
Building a Gimble Gus Gimble Gus
Helicopter Helicopter
Lux H Vehicle H-Frame Cycle
Lux Sphere Octoball
Roatating Lux Ring Rotating Ring
Square Capillarion Square Capillarion
Fidgety Squishy Building Squishy Building
Deep Diving Submarine Submarine
Lux Blox Triangular Capillarion Triangular Capillarion
Instructions - Cube Unstuck Cube Unstuck
Cube Construction Cube
The Sky is the Limit What will you build?