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LUX is great in the classroom

Lux Blox Education sets are designed to create a hands-on, inquiry-based learning environment to help teach STEAM topics both at home and in the classroom.
With Lux Blox you can:
• Learn mathematical concepts
• Build biological and chemical structures
• Test engineering and physics theories
and much more!

collaborative learning authenticated
Hands on learning
Problem Solving skills
Encourages Collaboration Authenticated Promotes Hands-on Learning Develops Problem Solving Skills
Encourages Collaboration Authenticated Promotes Hands-on Learning

Teachers love us!

"My students love playing with Lux Blox because they're fun, unique, and you can build anything with it!"
Laurie Perry
4th grade teacher

"I'm always looking for for new ways to engage my students and it is very evident that they are instantly engaged when Lux Blox are involved"
Bailey Cavanah
2nd grade teacher

Don't take our word for it! see what other teachers have to say!

Educational Videos

Check out our educational videos that explore a variety of topics such as carbon structures, synergy, and more!

Carbon Structures

Watch the rest here!

Teaching Guides

We offer a comprehensive guide to getting started with using Lux Blox in your classroom available in English, French, and Spanish.

Click here for math and geometry curriculum activities for your Students K-12 using Lux Blox!