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Lux in the Classroom
Interactive Learning

Lux was designed to give people a means of better understanding their world through the activity of construction. Lux achieves this by using moving linkages to build things as we find them in our world. This unique characteristic offers natural springboards into a wide variety of subject matter and disciplines. This was the intention of the inventors - to stimulate curiosity, exploration and creativity, and to build connections to the world.

Lux provides a hands on way for students to not only learn, but apply skills in mathematics. Click here to see curriculum suggestions and learning activities for your Students K-12 using Lux Blox!

Schedule an event with Lux inventor Mike Acerra! Mike is available for School or District Level Teacher Training Sessions, Student Assemblies, or as a consultant for your school’s Makerspace.

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Lux Blox is a valuable tool to encourage learning and another way for you to help your students take in the material. Don't just take our word for it, see what other teachers have to say!

We have Lux Blox construction sets tailored specifically to your classroom needs. Browse our Stem collection Here!