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Lux Force Banshee Helicopter

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Heroes wanted! This bad boy is a lot bigger than it looks, the Banshee is an armored attack helicopter gunship. It has six fixed-mounted machine guns, quad landing gear, a rotating three blade rotor, and rotating tail rotor. This beast will provide you with hours of enjoyment!

Set includes 242 Lux Blox and accessories:

  • 115 (gray/olive) squares
  • 23 black squares
  • 75 (white/olive) trigons
  • 9 black trigons
  • 7 #5 axles
  • 8 #2 axles
  • 1 square wheel
  • 4 trigon wheels
  • Available in snow and woodland!
  • Dimensions when completed: 23.5” long - 18.5” fuselage length, 9.23” width, 8” height, 21” rotor diameter

Heroes six and up!

Customer Reviews

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Kathy W
My ten year old loved this product.

My kid has been a big Lego and Lego Technic builder since he was 6. Lux Blox gives him a new experience he really appreciates. As he says "I can be more creative with Lux Blox." He loved the Banshee- and he didn't tear it apart but plays with it all the time. He has made modifications, and they look pretty cool. Great product! A very happy dad.

Maureen Hardy
Cool but Complicated

I purchased this for my grandsons 8th birthday thinking it would be a fun project for him to work on with mom and dad. It's way too complex for him; mom and dad had to build so he could play with it. It will be disassembled and packed away till he's a bit older & it will be like a new toy. Looks cool assembled though.