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Free Online Drawing Lessons for Kids with Video Instructions: Lesson 3

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Lesson 3: Form Truncation

By Mike Acerra

If you missed our previous lessons, you can find them by clicking Lesson One and Lesson Two respectively. 

Daily Doodle #8

Doodling three-dimensional forms. 

In this video you will doodle simple forms such as  prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones, and spheres with the illusion of three dimensions.  

Then, you will learn to slice these forms into pieces, called truncations. 

Finally, you will learn to create a powerful form called the lune. The lune is the shape of a lemon wedge.  It is called a ‘lune’ after the word luna, which means the moon. Nature loves this form and uses it everywhere. Even our eyelids are lune shaped! 

Daily Doodle #9

Doodling Compound Forms - Seeing with X-Ray Eyes 

It is exciting to be able to see and draw the shapes that form the building blocks of the complex structures in our world. 

Compound forms are combinations of parts of multiple forms.  Almost everything in life - from man-made to nature-made - is a compound form.

Doodling these forms will give you an ability to see the forms within things and have artistic X-RAY EYES!!

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