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Why Teachers (and Parents) Love Lux Blox

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By Emma Helferich

“Lux is a wonderful classroom tool. I have used multiple of their classroom sets for so many projects…… It is my go to! I have saved so much time in lesson planning with these.” says Ms. Sophia Wood, Canadian math teacher and homeschool mom. Lux Blox is more than a great way to keep your child entertained for hours - these small building blox provide an inquiry-based learning experience to teach STEM topics at home and in the classroom. 

When looking for a great free time reward, Julie Hirschfield, Albuquerque public school teacher, recommends Lux Blox.  “When I give my kids the option between Lux Blox and playground time, 9/10 times they choose the Lux!” Lux Blox are great for developing fine motor skills, enhancing spatial intelligence and keeping students minds and hands engaged.  Because Lux Blox can build static or dynamic models, they lend themselves to projects to support learning objectives across the curriculum.  “My kids visually see, pull, touch, and play with math.”, says Ms. Aly Eastman, a 1st grade teacher at Coast Catholic Academy.  Ms. Hill, a Junior High Science teacher at the same school says “I’ve used Lux Blox many, many times in the classroom.  We use them for making models of structural things like bridges, viruses, and water molecules...students are very engaged when using LuxBlox. They are fascinated by the endless opportunities and new things they can create.” 

Lux Blox is popular in design challenges and classrooms because it demonstrates engineering principles like tensile construction, corrugation, and the min/max principle. 

To learn more about what teachers have to say visit our Educators Homepage.


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  • Such a cool toy and original concept. We have Lux in our kids school and they are super popular!

    Alice Robbins on

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