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Meet Jonah - A Whale of an Inventor

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Lux Blox Super Fan:  Jonah

By Emma Helferich

Our next Lux Blox Super Fan is Jonah Yaffe. This ultimate Lux builder is from Severn, Maryland, and is just nine years old. Jonah has been building with Lux Blox since he was 6 years old. In the last three years, Jonah has grown to love the endless possibilities Lux Blox has to offer.

“It's the flexibility with Lux. If you were playing with any other blocks you couldn’t make the same things you can with Lux. That is why they are my favorite toy!” The flexibility that comes with building Lux Blox allows an opportunity to test engineering and physics theories. 

Jonah and his 7 siblings are homeschooled. In their free time, they spend hours building different creations with Lux Blox in their basement, “It is my go-to during my break”, says Jonah.  Although it depends on his mood, Jonah said his favorite thing to build with Lux Blox is an ax or a sword. One of his biggest creations was a Double-barrel Shotgun, reaching about 2 1⁄2 feet. Jonah said, “I destroyed it afterward, it was fun!”

Another unique creation Jonah created was a tread for a tank he and his dad wanted to build. This was unique because Mike Accera, the co-creator of Lux Blox, used this tread for his tank as well. 

Jonah is an inspiring young man and continues to spread his love for Lux Blox by building with his family and friends. 

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