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Written by Emma Helferich

As Lux Blox becomes more popular in homes and classrooms throughout the world, we wanted to start a series highlighting some of our Lux Blox super fans. Our first super fan is from Barrington, Illinois and has built hundreds of projects with Lux Blox. 

Timothy Price is 16 years old and has been a loyal fan of Lux Blox for the past year. Some of his favorite things to build are ground vehicles and spaceships. Timothy discovered Lux Blox through his friends who were fans and it didn’t take long for Timothy to get hooked.

Timothy said the durability and creativity that come with Lux Blox are simply unmatchable. His most recent creation has been named, “Cortex Class Assault Cruiser,” this happens to be one his biggest - 7 by 8 inches wide.  Timothy has models utilize all of the Lux Blox parts - squares, trigons, and axles.  And while he has built hundreds of models, so far, his favorite creation is a “Head Hunter Class Medium Tank.” Timothy stated that this was the first time he had pictured one design he planned to build but ended up with something completely different than he had imagined. Timothy stated, “I really like the fact that they (freestyle sets) do not come with any instructions. I can create whatever my imagination comes up with.” One of the most unique things about Lux Blox is some sets come with instructions and others are all up to your imagination. 

Although Lux Blox is known to boost creativity, these blocks are also the perfect construction tool. Last school year, Timothy took a class called Project Lead the Way (PLTW). This is a STEM inspired class and when asked to build a project, Timothy built a “projectile launcher” (or slingshot) made from Lux Blox and a few additional materials - landing him an A in the class! 

Timothy is an inspiring young man and continues to spread his love for Lux Blox by building for the Luxforce. Check out some of his work:


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  • It is really awesome that you guys are featuring these kids. It’s so positive. Keep this up!

    Lynda Jarvis on

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