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Three Inspiring Achievements of Kids during COVID-19

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By Emma Helferich

As stay at home orders were put into place, schools closed and activities paused, allowing children more free time than ever before. What some did to ‘do their part’ during these uncertain times is truly inspiring. 

As the coronavirus spread, face masks became scarce. A group of Detroit students - aged 8 through 13 – created non-surgical masks for healthcare professionals. Providing instruction online, fashion designer Elena Victoria taught the students to sew masks for medical professionals, which they shipped to local hospitals. These children have created hundreds of masks which are being used all over the United States.

Millions of healthcare workers have been risking their lives each day to help care for patients with COVID-19. Some are isolating themselves away from their family and close friends, which can take a toll on a person’s mental health.  One inspiring family from Arizona has found a way to put smiles on the faces of these front-line workers.

Tory Pottinger Feiler and her two boys, Luke and Colin, started making cards for healthcare providers.  It didn’t take long for this to become a huge hit in their community.  Tory created a Facebook page - “Cards for Hospitals and Nursing Homes”.  The community grew quickly as the page has over 500 members from across Arizona.

Members of the group post pictures of the cards, allowing the children to display their creativity before sending them to the health care workers.  Both the authors and the recipients received a boost of positivity from the cards.  According to the Greater Good Magazine, research shows writing letters of gratitude once per week can help with mental health significantly, even up to three months after writing them.

Instead of asking for birthday presents, Domonic Mercado, a 12-year-old from New Jersey, asked his community members for non-perishable foods for the local food pantry in his hometown. Spirit & Truth Ministries Kitchen said this was the largest donation they had seen in years - - 5 SUV’s!  This act is truly inspiring due to the rising number of people who have had to rely on local soup kitchens to feed their family during this pandemic.


While the pandemic and quarantines have cost many lives and done great damage to our economy, it is comforting to know that children, working with adults, have been sparked by their caring into action which helped those in need.

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  • Love hearing about children striving to make good of an unfortunate situation. Inspiring!

    Noah on
  • Great article Emma. You have also contributed to the greater good during this pandemic by showcasing the good works of others. So proud of you!

    Diane Helferich on

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