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STEAM Accelerator: Deluxe Classroom Set

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The Deluxe Classroom Set has a large assortment of parts designed for a classroom of up to 25 students to explore STEAM concepts across the curriculum. This STEAM set will give your students what they need to have in-class team design challenges; explore machines and mathematical concepts; build biological and chemical structures; test engineering and physics theories; and create projects in computer science, art, architecture and design.

Set includes 1340 Lux Blox and accessories:
  • 800 squares (100 of each color: neon green, neon orange, neon pink, purple, red, royal blue, teal blue and yellow/ 200 of each color: black grey, olive and white)
  • 300 trigons -100 each of black, olive and white
  • 40 large multi-wheels
  • 40 small multi-wheels
  • 40 large axles
  • 40 medium axles
  • 40 small axles
  • 40 7-inch rubber bands

Ages six and up!

Customer Reviews

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Christine Paradise

I love these things. My students do too. They are so flexible and easy to use, I have used them in all of my classes from Kindergarten through 5th grades. I currently have two groups that have chosen to use them to build their "super duper, extra tall, pig pyramids."

Courtney Pauling

These are the best blocks! Once my K4-5th grade students saw their creations could move, they were immediately engaged. They are excited to see what else they can create with the Lux Bloxs. We are using them with K5 to introduce building 3D shapes and building those fine motor skills. The video tutorials are great! You do not have to be an expert to use these blocks, just watch the tutorials! Upper grade levels love them too! These are a great asset to any STEM/ STEAM class and any other class.

Steven Corns
Student love them!

I have worked them into my center rotations for the kids. I have made challenges for them to have make things out of them. The challenges and free time that I have given with them allow me to test the limits of the LuxBlox! Good Job we enjoy them!

Perfect for building amazing things!

I enjoyed playing with them before they got tucked away for gifts. My boys love them! Having the ability for movement and be stationary as well is great fun. I bought the classroom set so my boys would have plenty to share among them without having to battle for pieces and parts. It’s a perfect set for that and to keep thing thinking and planning!

Kathy W
Lux Blox the best addition to our class room.

This is the most popular addition to my class room in my entire 24 years of teaching. Engagement, engagement, engagement! About one fourth of my class would just as soon work (and I say work and not play) with Lux Blox than do pretty much anything else. Lux have found their way into "winning" science fair projects, dioramas for social studies, demonstrations for Earth Science, biology models, architecture, engineering marvels, and the list goes on. They are truly a perfect compliment to good teaching.