Lux Blox STEM and STEAM Build Anything Toy

STEAM Accelerator: Introductory Set

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The Introductory Set has a generous assortment of parts to explore STEAM concepts across the curriculum. This STEAM set will give your students what they need to have in-class team design challenges; explore machines and mathematical concepts; build biological and chemical structures; create projects in computer science, art, architecture, and design; and test engineering and physics theories. Perfect for home schools, science and art projects, and for small group therapy.

Set includes 300 Lux Blox and accessories:

  • Available in primary and bright!
  • 100 of each color (red, royal blue and yellow/ neon green, neon pink and purple)
  • 100 white trigons
  • 10 large multi-wheels
  • 10 small multi-wheels
  • 10 large axles
  • 10 medium axles
  • 10 small axles
  • 10 7-inch rubber bands

Ages six and up!

Customer Reviews

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Gina Coco
kids are loving Lux Blox

I bought these for my nephew's birthdat. He's always been a Lego fan, but these give him so much more he can do with them and he is excited to find new things to build. A new kit is coming his way for Christmas, the home school kit, as his mom homeschools him and this will be amazing for their science projects!

Kathy W
At Home in the School or the Home

I'm a certified teacher that actually home-schooled my three kids over the pandemic. This Lux Blox kit was where we started. It was enough for about two days of teaching. But the kids wanted more. SO next we got the Deluxe set- and then the 1000 piece set for more squares. We can't get enough of them.