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Yellow Submarine: Sea Adventure

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Explore the seas in your very own Ultra-violet light-sensitive Yellow Submarine! Travel any distance in your trusty submarine as you explore the ocean life in the great blue beyond. Get a closer look at the sea life in your detachable Mini Sub to learn why so many creatures call the ocean home! Mini Sub comes with robotic arms for collecting samples and defending against unknown sea monsters. Black with them under black light to add a whole new dimension of fun!  Black light not included. 

Set includes 241 Lux Blox and accessories:
  • 10 Black Squares 
  • 180 Yellow Squares
  • 10 Black Trigons
  • 25 Yellow Trigons
  • 6 Wheels
  • 2 Trigon Wheels
  • 4 Square Wheels
  • 6 #2 Axles
  • 4 #7 Axles
  • Dimensions when completed: 25” long, 6” wide, 7” tall.

Ages six and up!

Customer Reviews

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Kathy W

Our son plays with his submarine in tub AND in our fish tank. He is obsessed with all things science and especially things in the ocean. Perfect gift!