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Jurassilux T-REX Jungle

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Introducing "Jungle," the Camouflaged Striped T-Rex - A Stealthy Predator of the Past!

Description: Prepare to venture deep into the prehistoric wilderness with Jungle, the formidable Camouflaged Striped T-Rex! This colossal creature isn't just a toy; it's a ticket to a world of ancient intrigue and adventure. With its commanding size and remarkable articulation, Jungle offers an unparalleled opportunity for excitement and exploration.


  1. Articulating Head: Take control of Jungle's head with its full articulation. Imagine it prowling through the jungle, silently hunting its prey.

  2. Moveable Jaw: Watch Jungle's jaws snap open and shut, emulating the ferocity of this legendary predator as it lunges for its next meal.

  3. Flexible Neck: Jungle's flexible neck allows for dynamic poses, letting you recreate thrilling scenes from the dinosaur era.

  4. Poseable Legs: With movable legs, Jungle can traverse the prehistoric landscape or stand majestically as the king of all dinosaurs.

  5. Swinging Tail: Swing Jungle's tail from side to side, mirroring the motion of a real T-Rex and enhancing the realism of your adventures.

Design: Our Jungle T-Rex features an awe-inspiring three-toned coloration, reminiscent of the vibrant jungle canopy. The combination of black, jungle green, and bright white stripes creates a stunning and mesmerizing appearance that perfectly captures the essence of this iconic dinosaur species. Jungle is a visual masterpiece, destined to become the centerpiece of any dinosaur enthusiast's collection.

Whether you're a budding paleontologist on a quest for ancient secrets or simply a lover of thrilling dino adventures, Jungle is the ideal companion for your journey. Embark on epic quests to the past, uncover the mysteries of prehistoric times, or proudly display Jungle's awe-inspiring presence alongside its companion, the Tiger-Striped T-Rex.

Prepare for a riveting expedition into the wild with Jungle, the Camouflaged Striped T-Rex. Brace yourself for roaring fun, spine-tingling excitement, and the perfect addition to your dino collection!


306 Pieces

Build Difficulty - Medium.  Age 6 and up. 

Customer Reviews

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Vicki McConaghy

For Christmas, haven’t opened

OMG- These are Gorgeous!

We got the first one of these T Rexes at a fair in Peoria. We Love it. It has really nice movement and it sits proudly by our shelf by the TV so we can look at it. OUr kid's fave this year!