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The Wraith is an armored cycle with wheels that roll, a turreted machine gun that swivels in all directions, and will provide hours of enjoyment!  Made with our revolutionary and durable Lux pieces that connect on all sides, allowing for more flexible builds and creating toys where any part can move.

  • 104 Pieces Total - Includes Lux Squares, Lux Trigons, Wheels, Axles and Rubber Bands
  • Dimensions When Complete:  13.75" Long, 5.5" Wide, 5.75" Tall
  • Instructions Included;  kit includes pieces to construct one Wraith Armored Cycle
  • All Lux Products are Proudly Made in the USA
  • ABS Plastic - Tested Safe
  • Set Includes Small Parts Which May Present a Choking Hazard

From the story, "Mars Is For Misfits" - Coming in 2019!  The Wraith was built for Martian Combat.  On Mars, the Marines of the 7th ANGLICO (Marines trained for space combat) were nicknamed the “Lux Force” by the colonist’s children when the children helped the Marines to make weapons, battlements, and vehicles in the war against the Phage using Lux Blox. The name stuck and as the war raged on, the ranks of the Lux Force swelled as more colonists joined to fight the Phage. Like most Lux Force vehicles, Wraiths are constructed out of Lux Blox made on Mars from CTG (Covetic Titanium Graphene). CTG is an incredibly strong and virtually indestructible super-material, capable of stopping laser and projectile fire, and it has the ability to bend, making it ideal for Lux Blox Construction techniques.