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Supercharge your family's happiness, curiosity, and cognitive prowess with Lux Blox. Forge stronger bonds, stimulate creativity, and embrace Einstein's universe together. Elevate your family's experience – choose Lux Blox. Ignite curiosity today – bring Lux Blox into your TV room and witness the transformation.


Lux Force

all helicopter raider lux force military wraith scorpion
Lux Force was created with the thought of defending the terrains of Mars. These futuristic military vehicles are created using our Lux Squares and Trigons. Each model is available in Woodland Camo and Snow Camouflage. Click an image for more information on your next favorite Lux Blox set.
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Build Instructions

Banshee Lux Helicopter
Lux Force Banshee
Military Scorpion
Lux Force Scorpion
Military Wraith Lux Blox
Lux Force Wraith
Military Raider Lux Blox
Lux Force Raider (Parabolic Dish)
Military Raider Lux Blox
Lux Force Raider (Poulson Dualies)