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Five Ways to use Lux Blox in the Classroom

Posted by Mike Acerra on

Five effective classroom management techniques.

Today's post was kindly submitted to us by Bailey Cavanah a 2nd Grade Teacher at Nielson Elementary School.

Hi everyone! I’m Bailey and have been a second-grade teacher for over 10 years. I have been using Lux Blox in my classroom and at school for two years now and wanted to share with you my top 5 ways to use Lux Blox in your school.


5. Conflict Resolution - At my school, my principal holds meetings with students who need help resolving a problem. During this time, students can build together with Lux Blox while they are working through their problems. The outcome is a really cool creation and at the same time, it allows the students to work through their problems.

Girl building satellite

4. Reward - As we all know, each and every student is motivated in different ways. I like to use Lux to reward positive behavior and for meeting goals. I had a student in class who loved to build things, so he picked Lux Blox as his reward for meeting his goals. When the goal was met, he would leave the room for 10 minutes to build. This allowed the student to have a break and get to build something of his choice.

3. Calming Corner - I have a Calming Corner in my classroom where my students can go when they are feeling big emotions. While in the Calming Corner, my students use strategies to help them calm down and then return to the lesson. Lux Blox are one of the manipulatives available to assist my students in calming down.

2. Indoor Recess Choice - Inside recess isn’t usually as much fun as playing on the playground. However, my students love to play with Lux Blox during inside recess! I like letting the students use Lux during inside recess because it allows them to be creative and keeps them thinking and problem solving. This year, my class enjoyed making Beyblades out of Lux and having battles.Massive capillarion

1. STEM Bins - My favorite way to use Lux Blox is in my STEM Bins. My students have the choice of many different materials when building with STEM Bins, but Lux are always the first to be picked. Lux Blox allow my kids the flexibility to build specific things and be creative, but also challenges their thinking.

In what ways do you use Lux Blox in your home or classroom? Tell us by leaving a comment down below!

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  • Will have to look into them. Sounds like fun.

    Cathy Gooding on
  • Looks like a lot of fun

    Mary Lou Vennvertloh on
  • My grandson loves Luxblox. I bought him some after seeing him playing with them at the DuPage County Children’s Museum.

    Lila White on
  • My whole family loves Lux Blox. We have spent a lot of time creating with it, because of the quarantine measures that have been in place. Lux has been a wonderful way to relieve stress, foster creativity and bring the family together.

    Maria M on
  • We love our Lux Blox!

    Rebecca Loveland on
  • Lux Blox is awesome.

    Raphael on

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