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Over the years you have been sending us the cool things you use Lux Blox for around the home and workplace.  (Yes- you discovered that Lux Blox is really more than a toy- it is an actual building material!)  This brings us joy because it is exactly what we had hoped for when creating Lux Blox - that people would use it to innovate and do creative things!  

In Peoria, Illinois, Lux Blox found their way into the bathroom and the kitchen.

 lux toothbrush lux dishes

 In this video a mom and her son show off their toothbrush holders in Minnesota.

Ben from Texas built a bridge for his cars with his Dad.


When Ben first played with Lux at his grandparents’ house, he was only three. He tiled their floor with Lux Blox. 

floor tiles


Many children help their parents stay organized by making them baskets to hold things like mail, magazines, and napkins. 



These girls in Bloomington, Indiana made iPhone holders for their teacher.


Have you or your children created new uses of Lux Blox at your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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